The Backpack

Our backpacks are designed to provide those in need with some of the small necessities and comforts which we take for granted every day.   While it may not seem like much to many, it could very well be everything to some.   Our backpacks are not intended as a long-term solution, although they just may make all the difference to those facing the harsh realities of being homeless.   Our hope is that can provide those coping with these challenges a renewed sense of hope and dignity, motivating them to seek the long-term help they may need to overcome their unfortunate circumstances.

Each backpack contains the items listed below or a little more, depending on what deals we are able to locate.  The products are usually purchased at discount stores or in bulk via online retailers for even greater savings.  Currently the cost to produce each backpack is approximately $20.00, including the cost of backpack.  We also include a 3x5 card with a note, signed by the individual who prepared the backpack, for that personal touch.

Our hope is to foster partnerships with the manufacturers of some of the products we use and request charitable discounts or product donations.  We also partner with some of the larger hotel chains which generously donate unclaimed lost and found items such as jackets, scarfs and gloves as well as unused toiletries and other miscellaneous items which must be discarded per code.


Our current system for distributing backpacks is on a small scale and local to the communities of Boston, Cambridge, Worcester and Fitchburg, Massachusetts.   Our current benchmark is achievable at 100 backpacks per month, however, as we continue to raise awareness of our organization, and garner support and funding, we hope to partner with organizations who can identify those in need and assist in expanding our distribution efforts.

Each backpack contains the following items

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Paying it back, one pack at a time.